13 Milestones since Octuber 17th, 2000

First Milestone: Explored the inner realm of consciousness without much interactions with the material World.

Second Milestone: Reentering the practical world by starting a small trading business and learning to cope with inner emotions while doing hard physical work involved in enterprise.

Third Milestone: Entering the magnetic field of Guru for practical guidance on how to balance life with the continuation of the inner journey while starting law practice.

Fourth Milestone: The beginning of another chapter of life by entering the sphere of a married life, adjusting to its requirements while maintaining my connection with the inner realm of consciousness.

Fifth Milestone: Learnt to cope with family, money issues and initial hard phase of law practice whilst avoiding the desire of aloofness.

Sixth Milestone: Entering the high profile zone of law practice in the High Court, on contrary to my taste of simplicity without being affected by the new environment.

Seventh Milestone: Overcoming my shyness by starting to prepare to contest bar elections and learning to cope with the requirements & responsibilities of the first child in the family.

Eighth Milestone: Conquering my inner fears of the unknown world and issues of intellect and money by self-belief while pursuing Masters of Law (LL.M) in the USA.

Ninth Milestone: Learnt the hard way that money is essential for the sustenance of the body itself. Adjusting to the new environment during my course study of LL.M while overcoming my fears regarding future uncertainties with no money or support in the foreign land, with absolute reliance on my inner self for guidance.

Tenth Milestone: Gave prime importance to writing and publishing the book Awakening! My Experiments with God in USA despite being surrounded with uncertainties & living life as a pauper with wife & child.

Eleventh Milestone: Realising the significance of not shying away from seeking help from family & acquaintances & experiencing that nirakar(formless) and sakar(form) are two sides of the same coin.

Twelfth Milestone: To accept that unfortunate events do happen in our lives, but that doesn’t mean the end of life itself. Life is far more important than any event or happenings whether fortunate or unfortunate.

Thirteenth Milestone: Learnt that there are two ways of living life, either to consider the world as your competitor & a future, threatening and uncertain, or to hold the world as a friendly and loving manifestation of the Nirakar (Parmatma) and a future full of hope and eternal bliss. Nirakar itself is Sakar, thus there’s no conflict.

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