An introduction to meditation

Meditation is a technique to train our mind to live in the present moment. When we learn to live in the present moment, we start enjoying happiness & joy in life like an innocent child without any extraordinary efforts. We all have certain likes & dislikes in our lives. Whenever we view things which we are interested in, we forget everything about the except our focus of the liking. Whether we are watching a match of sport we or a movie or work for some people or literally just about anything which we love to do, on such occasions we forget everything and remain focused on our interest in the moment. Our mind remains focused in such occasions, that too without getting distracted in any sense. Such moments allow us to live in the present moment, without being bothered by anything. The moments, when our mind lives in & enjoys the present moment, is nothing but meditation. Meditation is nothing but a skill to train our mind to be in the present moment. We generally forget everything when we are indulged in the subject of our interest, which can be seen in the lives of all renowned scientists, scholars, players, artists, & actors etc. Who have walked on this Earth.

Thus, whatever interest we have in our life, that interest compels us to forget everything and stay in the present moment.

Meditation isn’t just something which has to be learnt from scratch. We subconsciously use it in our lives! But problems do come when we encounter situations which are on the contrary to our Interest. Such situations promote stress, tension, uncertainty and fear of the unknown.

Instead of facing them head on, our mind wishes to run away from such situations. We are afraid to solve our problems head on due to all the endless excuses our mind gives to us. It is in these situations where our mind doesn’t allow us to be clam & focused, causes stress & tension.

Meditation can be used as tool to face such situations of life with ease & comfort. The practice of focusing our mind in the present moment helps us in facing adverse situations of any kinds with courage and guides us to face such phases in our lives in the best approach possible.

So, the main benefit of practicing meditation is that we begin to live in the present moment by focusing our mind, in all situations whether such situations are of our liking or not. As we know how to focus our mind, we just need to practice meditation to extend the habit of staying in the present moment even in the situations which we don’t like.

In accordance with our ancient traditions, Lord Shiva is the first and foremost teacher who taught the practice of meditation. By using the technique of meditation for focusing our mind in the present moment, we not only enhance capacity of our mind, we learn the way to enjoy life by staying in the present moment, thus overcoming stress, anxiety, tensions, fears of our life in a natural way leading us to enjoy life to the fullest. With the help of meditation, that is focusing our mind in present moment, further helps us to go deeper into our inner consciousness, leading us to the hidden treasure of God within us, realizing the ultimate truth on our own in this life time.

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