Love manifests itself in various forms in our lives. Irrespective of the form it takes, it fills our life with joy & happiness. Love empowers us to do better; it imparts strength in us & enables us to face every situation of life with courage.

Life and it’s Purpose

All living forms are following the path of their own individual life cycle. Our life is encircled by twin pillars of Birth and Death. With birth, begins the unique journey of our Soul with our body, family & acquaintances. The death of the living body takes away everything associated with the body, whether be material possessions, power, family, relations etc. So it’s natural that one may question, the reason why we take birth and then leave this world leaving behind everything we accumulated throughout our life journey?

Does God exist ?

The answer to the question, on whether God exists, depends on our perception & experience. Most of us believe in the Almighty as the one who is the creator, the sustainer & the destroyer of the universe. Even those who refuse to believe in the existence of God still believe in the powers of Nature, which is beyond the control of all individuals, or some rather believe in their actions alone and do not give any importance to any other source or power in their life.

Nirakar and Sakar

Nirakar & Sakar are one & the same thing, but represented differently. Nirakar, the formless form of God, is the one which we can’t see or perceive. It’s the source from where the cosmos which we observe has emerged. In this sense, if we criticize the world, then we’re ultimately criticizing the CREATOR, the INVISIBLE, the NIRAKAR.

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