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Inspirations: “Awakening! My Experiments with God”
After the day of enlightenment on Dusshera 17 th October, 2000, I began to conduct
my daily affairs of life with guidance of inner voice. Inner voice directed me to enter
the arena of legal practice as a lawyer instead of renouncing the world. After going
through the turmoil as a beginner in law practice, I adjusted to the new environment.
It was again my inner voice which compelled me to comply by my father’s desire to
get married. So my inner voice guided me in taking decisions, big or small, on day to
day affairs of my life.
While I was growing as a lawyer, having a wife & new born child in my family, my
inner voice yet again instructed me to visit the U.S.A. for pursing my Masters in Law
(LL.M). After a lot of objections, disagreements & apprehensions, I overpowered my
own thoughts, family & friends, and went to the U.S.A. as per my inner voice.
After the completion of my Masters Degree in law from Temple University,
Philadelphia, I shifted to New Jersey with my wife & child. Whilst getting an
internship in a law firm and simultaneously preparing for the upcoming New York Bar
examinations, I faced a variety of issues on a daily basis without a single clue, to
manage all of this. Even after all this, I prepared for my upcoming examinations, but
sadly I failed in my first attempt in November 2009.
This failure was becoming unbearable, as I began questioning my very own
decisions & started worrying about the future of my family & career.
On 7th November, 2009, while waiting for bus at Oak tree road in Edison, I was
questioning my life self realization, which led me to take all those steps on the
contrary to my own desires & was furious at God, such that I thought, “Who knows
whether you are with me or not?”. At that very moment, a man approached me &
offered me a ride in his car. While travelling, astonishingly, he gave all the answers
to my questions which I had raised while standing at the bus stop. I was shocked
with disbelief & was absolutely stunned by the way God had showed me the way
ahead despite all the surroundings of uncertain future ahead of me in foreign land.
At that moment, I realized for the first time how much God loves me as HE sent this
person within seconds to remove all my doubts about HIS presence within me. I
henceforth, decided to convey my personal experiences and interactions with God by
writing a book, which got published in U.S.A. first in the year 2010 with the title being
suggested by my father “Awakening! My experiments with God”.

Dharmendra sharma

Lawyer, Writer and Speaker

Personal Life

Dharmendra Sharma is a lawyer by profession who is currently practicing in Delhi courts since 2001. Born and brought up in Hindu, religious family under love & affection of his parents, from the days of his childhood, he was always puzzled by the question- “How & where I can meet God?”,
Being a family man and a lawyer, he’s aware of the problems of common man and aims to spread awareness & the true understanding of God, which can help in building a better future for Everyone.
"Life is joy when we are in peace within"
All of us want to enjoy life. Whether we’re adolescents, adults or of old age; we wish to live life joyfully. But practically speaking, most of the times, happiness is missing from our life activities. We tend to think that it’s only in our childhood & the past we were able to enjoy life to the fullest. It’s true that in our childhood, all of us enjoyed life, & were happy & joyful without any possessions or belongings. The reason of happiness in children is their peaceful state of mind. When we grow up, we tend to link joy with worldly possessions like wealth, luxuries, fame, success etc. We forget that it’s only when we are at peace within; we’re able to enjoy life. Any moment of our life, whenever we feel happiness, it’s certain that we are at peace within. When we’re at peace within, even small things makes our day while even after climbing at the top of ladder of success, we tend to remain unhappy, remorseful, angry, arrogant & fearful.
Dharmendra Sharma

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