Does God exist ?

The answer of this eternal question can be either “Yes”, “Not Sure” or “Not interested” If you think your answer is “yes”- Then have you experienced it? – If yes, then you must be enjoying peace, bliss & fearlessness in all situations of life and feel love for all without any discrimination of religion, sex, culture, belief or nation. If you think your answer is “Not Sure”-

Then you may believe in God’s existence, but lack real experience. Further you may feel a varying degree of emotions and feel your belief in God is conditional, depending on the fulfillment of your desires. If you think your answer is “Not interested”- Then it implies that you’re not concerned with existence or non existence of God and believe in enjoying life on your own terms, prefer to live life in accordance with your own desires and taking full responsibility of your actions & its results.

The answer to the question, on whether God exists, depends on our perception & experience. Most of us believe in the Almighty as the one who is the creator, the sustainer & the destroyer of the universe. Even those who refuse to believe in the existence of God still believe in the powers of Nature, which is beyond the control of all individuals, or some rather believe in their actions alone and do not give any importance to any other source or power in their life.

Today the scientists question the existence of God on the ground that it can’t be tested on the tools developed by scientific research. But still they agree on one point, i.e. Nature is functioning on some fundamental principles which can’t be altered. So the scientists of today are basically trying to explore those fundamental principles on the basis of which our Earth and the entire cosmos is functioning, so that the knowledge acquired could be used for the welfare of humanity. Scientists, though will not admit, are aware and amazed by the way the entire cosmos is functioning from virtual particles to galaxies & black holes. The recent research is indicating towards a common force which is working even for the smallest particles as well as for the largest galaxies known to us.

Thus, it is clear that from all viewpoints, there is some force which exists, which is beyond the control of humans and which works on certain basic principles, whether we are aware of it or not. This force can be given any name. Different religions call this force with different names. Every individual on the basis of their upbringing, surroundings & liking confine this universal force to particular identity or form in which he or she believes in.

One way or another, almost all of us believe that there exists a force which sustains life on our Earth & beyond, spreading to planets, stars, galaxies, black holes & to the entire cosmos, which is beyond the reach of our senses, intellect & imagination.

Our degree of belief on this Universal force/God varies on the basis of our own perception, experience & interest. Most of us believe in God’s existence in a wider sense, but when it comes to practical day to day life, we altogether ignore reality while pursuing our own individual wishes & desires. But the world has arrived at a stage where now even the pursuit of our own desires of our life, is leading to disharmony, disturbances, imbalances & fear.

During this period of COVID – 19 pandemic, all of us have witnessed the unimaginable fear & anxiety all over the world. We are still struggling to overcome the aftermath of this pandemic. In this scenario of unprecedented disturbances, fear & desperation, the need of this hour is to understand and use the power of this Universal force/ God within us for the welfare of ours, our beloved ones lives, and Humanity which would lead to world peace & happiness.

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