Life and it’s Purpose

What is the purpose of life? Is it to fulfil our materialistic desires only?

Is there any other purpose of life apart from running throughout our lives developing relationships, money, power, material possessions etc. along the way?

All living forms are following the path of their own individual life cycle. Our life is encircled by twin pillars of Birth and Death. With birth, begins the unique journey of our Soul with our body, family & acquaintances. The death of the living body takes away everything associated with the body, whether be material possessions, power, family, relations etc. So it’s natural that one may question, the reason why we take birth and then leave this world leaving behind everything we accumulated throughout our life journey?

Life is a mystery which doesn’t allow us to travel into the past or future. We are naturally restricted to the present. So, without any know how of the past or future, we are bound to deal with the present. Sometimes, we face situations in our life which make us question life itself, as these circumstances are not created or desired by us. Thus we’re compelled to seek answers & we start our search with which begins our spiritual journey. The spiritual path is the path which leads us to the eternal wisdom & all the answers to the questions we ever had about life, such as, what is this life ? Who am I? Why I am going through life in this manner? Does God exist? How & where I can meet God?

By following the spiritual path, we can get our answers to these puzzling questions. But when we begin our Spiritual Journey, Who will help us? Spiritual teachers (Guru), Saints, Scriptures, our Intuition/Conscience become our mentors which help us all along the way in our Spiritual Journey. Even from the beginning of our spiritual journey, we become a source of happiness & peace for everyone.

When things happen in our lives which are in accordance with our worldly desires, we never tend to look beyond our material life & remain occupied in fast moving life revolving around material things & objects. We remain busy in managing the affairs of our life till the time we face Death.

Our desire to know the truth of life itself is the sole determining factor, which allows us to begin our spiritual journey. So the query, thirst, desire to know the true meaning of life is of utmost significance. This very desire is good enough to resolve all conflicts & pains which we experience & go through in our lives & paves the way to joy & peace in our present life itself. The person, who is determined to seek answers of the mystery of life, is rewarded with everlasting inner joy & peace.

By the time we complete our spiritual journey, nothing remains to be known or acquired, as we become part of the one who is knower & creator of EVERYONE & EVERYTHING, i.e. GOD.

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