Love is an emotion provided to us by nature which enables us to care for other living beings around us.

Love manifests itself in various forms in our lives. Irrespective of the form it takes, it fills our life with joy & happiness. Love empowers us to do better; it imparts strength in us & enables us to face every situation of life with courage.

Love adds the colour to our lives. It provides us with a purpose to fulfil, prepares us to build a better future with hope & conviction. Hurdles whether big or small, can be turned down with calmness & love.

The presence of love in our lives makes us fearless, joyful, caring, satisfied & calm. Love takes various forms; it may be in the form of parents, siblings, friends, spouse, children, nation, religion, God or even material things like money, power, luxuries etc. Each one of us remains in love though it may be limited to few individuals or things. Nothing can exist without Love, as without love, all living beings would be full of prejudice, ego & insensitivity which will destroy our World.

When we experience love, whether it relates to work, individual, family, material things or God, our progress in the right path is guaranteed.

When love is such a pure & beneficial force, then why do we experience pain & sufferings in our life? What is the reason of all the stress, anxiety, tensions & fears in our daily life?

Pure love is medicine of all our ailments, but this pure medicine becomes impure by the addition of one’s ego into it. The very moment when our ego mixes with love, its piousness & serenity gets evaporated and what remains is an endless chain of desires, anger, attachment, greed, arrogance & jealousy in our lives.

All these emotions pollute our life with all the pain, sorrow & sufferings we experience. Thus by adding ego to the pious love, we play havoc with our life. Life becomes miserable, meaningless, isolated & unhappy without love.

Whatever we feel within, our actions conveys the same to the external world through verbal & physical act. In this manner pain, sufferings expands from individuals to families, to societies, to the nations and ultimately to the Nature itself. When our ego becomes so big that it starts affecting Nature itself, the role of God becomes paramount.

The love of God alone can help and guide us to come out of the vicious cycle of pain & sorrow created by our ego.

At this juncture of life, when we see all round challenges in the form of Global warming, natural calamities, race of supremacy etc which is now threatening Earth’s existence itself, the love of God is the only way out to sort out these problems which we are facing whether personally or to global challenges. When we love God, the creator of this universe, differences in religions/ nationality/ race/ sex/ social status/ wealth etc does not matter. We begin sharing & caring for those who are not related to us without the desire of any returns. Thus with the grace of God, our love which was confined to a few people or things, begins to spread and in return we get the gift of a day to day life full of joy, happiness & peace.

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