Nirakar and Sakar

Nirakar & Sakar are one & the same thing, but represented differently. Nirakar, the formless form of God, is the one which we can’t see or perceive. It’s the source from where the cosmos which we observe has emerged. In this sense, if we criticize the world, then we’re ultimately criticizing the CREATOR, the INVISIBLE, the NIRAKAR.

There exists a reason for everything happening around us, seen or unseen. But since we have no insights to the past or the future of our life as well as the life of others, we by looking only in the present, make judgments & insights which are biased and incomplete. By looking at life through this limited perspective, fear for the uncertain & unknown, as well as misguided thinking creeps in our life, which pollutes the present moment. We forget to look at the bigger picture, that the journey of the soul which is Imperishable, is not just limited to only our this present bodily existence, but it is the continuation of our past lives and is linked with the future, which we’re empowered to create by going through this life.

Through this understanding, we will not be too much engrossed or agitated by the way things happen in our present life and would be better equipped to deal with sorrow, pain & suffering and will be able to enjoy the present moment far more joyfully just like an innocent child.

It is our attachment & ignorance which sticks us to this body the Sakar form and we refuse to enter the realm of soul, the divinity of Nirakar. By bonding ourselves with our body, people as well as other things linked with this body, our EGO grows, i.e., we fall in the trap of Me and Mine, which restricts us to see & perceive our True Self, the Soul and the eternal Paramatma, the Source of everything which existed in the past, exists in the present & will exist in the future.

By conquering our EGO, which compels us to confine ourselves only to the body, people and things linked with this body in the form of family, friends etc. throughout our life, we can unite with the Nirakar, whereby expanding our vision, thinking & insights, which will help us in reaching & helping out to the people beyond our circle, without any self-interest. In this manner, we move towards our union with the everlasting peace, happiness, togetherness which are the inherent qualities of Nirakar, the formless Supreme, the CREATOR.

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