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Awakening! My Experiments with God

The book is based on true personal experiences of Dharmendra Sharma. In the book, the author narrates true incidents beginning from his days of childhood, till the year 2010 when this book was first published in the U.S.A. He narrates his Spiritual journey from getting the puzzling question till the way towards the eternal, everlasting & omnipresent SUPREME in simple words, for the reader to connect with HIM within, without any dogma and realize the eternal peace, happiness & bliss hidden within us. The book aims at uniting the masses irrespective of caste, religion, gender, ethnicity or nationality with the help & guidance of God within us, through which we can overcome the challenges of the 21st century which are now threatening the survival of all living species on Earth.

A Word From The Author

Life is a mystery which doesn’t allow us to travel into the past or future. We are naturally restricted to the present. So, without any know how of the past or future, we are bound to deal with the present. Sometimes, we face situations in our life which make us question life itself, as these circumstances are not created or desired by us. Thus we’re compelled to seek answers & we start our search with which begins our spiritual journey. The spiritual path is the path which leads us to the eternal wisdom & all the answers to the questions we ever had about life, such as, what is this life ? 

Dharmendra Sharma
Lawyer, Writer and Speaker

The Purpose, Aim & Vision of AMEGPATH


  • God is not far away, it is within in the form of light & peace.
  • Different religions/beliefs/faiths lead us to the eternal, universal, and the omnipresent Supreme/God.
  • God’s love & grace is for everyone.
  • Unity in diversity is the basic principle on which God functions.
  • The biggest hurdle between God & us is our Ego.
  • Connecting with God is easy & simple, does not require any extraordinary talent, deeds or actions, just small steps of sharing, caring & love for people in need without any bias & expectations.
  • We can empower & help ourselves in overcoming fear, anxiety, depression, stress, disharmony & all negative thoughts by replacing them with peace, bliss & happiness with the grace of Supreme within.
  • With the help & guidance of Supreme within, we can change the scenario of today for the better & can uplift peace & happiness in ourselves, families, societies, cultures, nations & the entire world.


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Upcoming Book

“Iswariye Jagrati- Swa Anubhav” is a Hindi translation of Book “Awakening!My Experiments with God ” by its author Dharmendra Sharma, which will be available to the readers very near future.

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